Some Top Crip Gang Codes Symbols Knowledge for members

$ is Power and money

0-0 is Double ought buck shot or shot gun

000 is Blood
001 is Blood love

006 is Silence (used by Black Gangster Disciples)

013 is Get him; assault someone (Bloods)

023 is Watch your back (Bloods)

6-6-2 is MOB; Numbers represent letters on telephone keypad

6-6-6 is Symbol for Aryan Brotherhood, Folks and Crips; also satanic cults

6 Point Star (of David) - Symbolic to gangs within the Folk Nation

6 Poppin, 5 Droppin - Folk Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the People Nation; Folk Nation (6) members shooting at People Nation (5) members

7 is Refers to the 7th letter of the alphabet "G"; may represent G for Gangster or G for God (Five Percenters)

7-4 is Code for Gangster Disciples (7th & 4th letters of alphabet) - G.D.

737 is Numbers on telephone key pad representing PDS; Public Enemy Number One Death Squad

025 is What rank are you (Bloods)

031 is I am Blood

041 is Kill the Crip (Bloods)

13 is 13th letter of the alphabet-"M"; may be used for
marijuana or methamphetamine

13 1/2 is Represents: 12 jurors, one judge, half-ass chance

14 or XIV or X4 is Used by Hispanic gangs for Northern
California (14th letter of alphabet - N) - NorteƱo 14, Norte 14

18 is 18th Street Gang

18th Street - Hispanic Los Angeles street gang - aligned with
Mexican Mafia

211 is California penal code - robbery ; also Crip term meaning Blood Killer
(2nd and 11th letters of alphabet - B K

212 is NY City telephone area code (Manhattan); also Blood term
(Tampa, FL) meaning Blood Love

274 is Black Gangster Disciples (2nd, 7th and 4th letters of alphabet) - B.G.D.)

2-15-19 is Brothers of Struggle (2nd 15th and 19th letters of alphabet) - B.O.S.

2-7-4-14 is Code for Black Gangster Disciples Nation (B.G.D.N.- 2nd, 7th, 4th and 14th letters of alphabet)

23/24 is Inmates on lockup - 23 out of 24 hours each day

24/7 or 247 is Constantly -24 hours per day, 7 days a week

3 R's is Respect, Reputation, Revenge

88 is White Supremacist - Heil Hitler (8th letter of alphabet - H)

8-Ball - 1/8 is ounce of cocaine; alliance of Crips with the Folk Nation

is911 Warning that police are coming

311 is Used by Bloods meaning Crip Killer (3rd and 11th letters of alphabet -
312 is Crip Love - 3rd and 12th letters of alphabet - C L

360 is Folk Nation - numbers representing "full circle of knowledge"

360 degrees - A "pure" Black Gangster Disciple

5 - Number symbolic to People Nation
The following slang terms are Blood terms, used to disrespect Crips and the Folk Nation


5 in the sky.....6 must die - Revenge; a People Nation member was killed - a retaliation against the Folks Nation will take place

5%, 5%er is Five Percenters

5 Percent is Five Percenters

5 Point Star - Symbolic to the People Nation

5 Poppin, 6 Droppin - People Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the Folks Nation; People Nation (5) members shooting at Folk Nation (6)members

5-0 is The police
510 is Oakland, CA area code; used by some to identify the location of their gang or set

50/50 is Neutral; non-gang member

6 is Number symbolic to Folk Nation

Crip Code knowledge